Moving to a New City

Moving To a New City

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Whether it’s 1 hour away or 12 hours away, moving to a new city can be a difficult transition. There can be numerous sources of stress, including the process of selling your home, planning and organizing for your move, and not least of all the effects on you and your family of moving to a new city.

Here are a few tips from the movers at LaPorte Moving that we hope will help you and/or your family to transition easily into your new life, in a new city, in a new home.

Research Your New City Learn about the city and neighbourhood you’re moving to. Figuring out where you will do your shopping and the best routes to work or school are examples of a couple of things you can learn from doing research about your new city that will help you to transition more smoothly. Your new city should have a municipal website with information about the neighborhoods, school districts, shopping districts, and more.

Don’t Be Hasty It’s not wise to be impulsive about purchasing property and moving long-distance to a new city. If you have a family, it’s important to take your children’s feelings into account. Another thing to consider is that it often takes less time to buy property than it does to sell your own. Taking your time to look for a new home will allow you to address your family’s concerns beforehand and helps you to avoid an unprepared move.

Get Your Kids Involved Children are more sensitive to major changes like moving to a new city than adults are. Involving them in the moving process can provide them with a sense of control that they might find comforting during an otherwise unstable time. As they pack their favourite toys or books, remind them of all of the familiar things they will still have in their new home.

Pay Attention to Details There are small but significant details that are often overlooked in the commotion of moving. These details can include the status of selling your home, the status of buying your new home, notifying your employer of your move date, notifying your children’s school about the move, enrolling your children at a new school, changing your address for all your bills and bank accounts, etc. Be sure to double-check that you have fulfilled these obligations. If you are moving to a new country, there are more details to be mindful of, such as immunizations.

If you feel overwhelmed, we strongly advise enlisting the help of a professional moving company. LaPorte has the tools and experience to prevent damage to your belongings and your old or new home. Hiring a professional moving company like LaPorte Moving can ensure that your long-distance move is stress-free. As a family-owned company, we are sensitive to the concerns you and your family might have. The main services our movers provide are packing and loading.

Packing While you can probably count on friends and family to help you pack, there is a good chance that they won’t pack with sufficient care. When you hire LaPorte, it is our movers’ profession and pride to pack your belongings with care. As amusing as it might sound, to LaPorte’s movers packing is an art. Packing correctly will help you avoid damaging things and save space by packing more efficiently.

Loading Loading furniture and lifting heavy items is not most people’s favourite activity, and for some it can be dangerous. LaPorte’s professional movers have years of experience in efficiently loading and unloading all manner of large and awkward items. Our skill and experience can save you from back-ache or injury and frees up your time to look after more important details.

Unloading One of the most nerve-wracking parts of moving is unloading. There’s nothing worse than moving into a brand new home and putting a large, ugly mark on the wall. Our movers are careful and considerate; they make it their first priority to protect all of your property in the moving process.

Moving the Distance When moving long distance, you know if a moving company is affiliated with Atlas Van Lines, it can transport you and your belongings safely. Atlas Van Lines has been serving the moving industry for almost 50 years and LaPorte Moving is proud to be an affiliate.

There is much to take into account when moving to a new city. No detail is too small to overlook! With proper organization and the right professional moving company to assist you, however, you are sure to have a smooth transition.