30 Days Before Your Move

___ 1. Call LaPorte Moving early for an estimate.

Remember, local & long distance moves have peak periods, so book early for discounts & better service.

___ 2. Call and inform your insurance agent
___ 3. Notify Post Office of new address
___ 4. Mail change-of-address cards
___ 5. Obtain medical, dental records
___ 6. Notify schools
___ 7. List any questions about your move
___ 8. Ask about LaPorte Moving cleaning services

2 Weeks Before

___ 9. Arrange to disconnect utilities
___10. Arrange to connect at new home
___11. Collect drycleaning and items sent out for repair
___12. Return things borrowed and return those loaned
___13. Use a cart as a mobile packing table
___14. Hold a garage sale to dispose of items

1 Week Before

___15. Set items aside to pack in your car
___16. Take down the curtains/rods, shelves
___17. Arrange for sitter on moving day
___18. Check with the phone company to see which phones you may keep.
___19. Make up “Do not move” cartons for articles to be taken in your car

Day Before Moving

___20. Empty refrigerator and freezer
___21. Clean and air your range
___22. Finish packing personal items
___23. Get a good night’s sleep

Moving Day

___24. Be sure that someone is there to answer the movers’ questions
___25. Inspect all appliances to be sure that they have been serviced
___26. Sign/Save copies of bills of lading. Verify delivery address with mover. Advise where you can be reached
___27. Strip beds, but leave fitted bottom sheets on mattresses
___28. Keep your vacuum ready. LaPorte movers will give you ample time to clean hard-to-get areas, like bed rails and the back of your piano
___29. Make a final inspection of the house before leaving. Check all rooms and closets. Turn off light/Lock up tight.
___30. Please provide driver with accurate directions to your new home
___31. Smile…You’ve done great! Just relax and leave the rest to LaPorte Moving .

Remember, with LaPorte Moving