Dalia Tauber

Dear Mr. Laporte Please allow me to take just a few moments from you busy daily schedule. During my life, I have moved 30 times whithin

32 years. Some moves were local and some were overseas. I have NEVER experienced such ease and pleasure. Even though any move may naturally cause some anxieties and tensions, it is so much easier when the packers and the movers are performing their duties 100%. Both my husband and I were so completely satisfied. Hopefully, we shall not need your services again. (We surely hope that this was our very last move in this life time. Laughsss).

However, we shall definately and whole heartedly recommend your company as the BEST THERE IS. Thank you so very kindly. Would you please take a moment to personally commend the packers( the day before the move) and the movers.

Those guys were totally amazing.Polite, curteous, friendly, professional and hard hard workers. Warmest regards and blessings,

Dalia Tauber
p.s please feel free to post my letter for public view

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