Mario Volpe


Further to our conversation about the missing shirts I also wanted to make mention of the outstanding service we had.

Chad and his crew (Michael and Darrell???, not sure on names) were excellent. They right away eased our stress levels by showing how much they were on top of things. They were friendly, courteous, patient and understanding of our needs. They seemed to really enjoy what they were doing, often humming a song or whistling, and it made a big difference in creating such a positive atmosphere during a move that is never fun for the family involved.

When we had unusual or picky requests they always had the attitude that they will make it happen and were always checking with us if there was anything else we could do. Once at our newly renovated house they were extremely careful and respectful of where to put things and being careful around our floors and walls.

I would recommend this crew and your company solely based on how great of a job we thought Chad and his crew did. A big thanks to them for helping our moving day go so smoothly.

Mario Volpe

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