Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Packing SuppliesIf you want to do your own packing, LaPorte Moving has all the packing supplies you’ll need to pack your belongings safely. We have boxes ranging in size from 2 cubic feet to 6 cubic feet and specialty boxes for your unique and fragile items. Our packing supplies include packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and more.


LaPorte Moving & Storage can provide:

Standard Moving Boxes

  • 2 Cubic foot box (18.5″x15.25″x12.5″) – best used for small, heavy items such as books or CDs
  • 4 Cubic foot box (18.”x18″x20″) – best used for cooking ware, toys, linens, etc.
  • 6 Cubic foot box (22″x22″x21.5″) – best used for large but light items such as pillows

Specialty Moving Boxes

  • Boxes for packing dishes – heavy duty boxes for packing china, dishes, crystal, and other fragile items
  • Boxes for packing mirrors – telescoping boxes for packing pictures, mirrors, or glass
  • Wardrobe Boxes – boxes that are essentially portable closets which allow your clothes to hang within

Packing Supplies

  • Packing paper – for wrapping items to prevent scratching or for use as a cushioning material
  • Tissue paper – for wrapping very delicate items
  • Bubble wrap – for cushioning small, delicate items that are packed together and for protecting large, fragile items such as lamps and pictures
  • Packin/Sealing tape – strong plastic tape for sealing the tops of boxes
  • Mattress Bags and Furniture Covers – for protecting your mattresses and furniture from dust and damage

Please visit our packing tips page for some useful tips on how to pack your things safely. If you are interested in purchasing moving boxes or packing supplies from LaPorte Moving, contact us today.