Packing Tips

The key to packing is organization.

Packing Services
  • Pack as much as you can in one room before going to the next room
  • Start by packing the out of season items
  • Pack the seldom used items next
  • Leave the must have items to last; soap, towels, toiletries, coffee, paper cups and plates, paper towels, kleenex, medications, etc.
  • Do not pack valuables such as jewellery, precious stones, coin & stamp collections or money, carry them with you.
  • Put curtain rod, dresser, shelving, bed or table hardware such as bolts and screws in plastic bags and tape each bag to the article or label each bag and place in a carton labelled “ set up box”
  • Do not exceed 50 pounds in weight per box and make sure the lids close flat
  • Do not pack dangerous or flammable items such as lighter fluid, paint, oily rags, matches, charcoal, pool chemicals, bleach, oven cleaner or ammunition as they can explode and cause damage to your shipment.