It’s a hot market at the moment. Chances are, you sold your home within days of listing.  Congratulations!  Nice to have that complete, but it can be stressful to think of all the things you need to take care of before you hand over possession of your home.

Hire LaPorte’s

We are finding that with the market moving so quickly, the task of hiring a mover is being left late, making the peak dates book up quicker than before.

Let us take the stress out of the moving process.   We have a variety of services to assist in this transition:

  • Moving Services
  • Storage Services
  • Packing Services & Materials

We also have affiliations with home cleaners and disposal companies to take care of those requirements as well.

Get Prepared

Are you downsizing? If so, you may need to start sorting what items are moving to the new home, and which need to be disposed of, or donated.   Your LaPorte Moving consultant can help here.   Be sure to have a plan for the items that don’t have a new home when it comes to moving day.

Holding a Garage Sale is a great idea to bring in a few dollars while clearing out your unwanted items.

Several charities now take items to make that process a little easier. Just be sure to check with them first to see what restrictions they may have.

Tell Everyone

With technology, this is getting easier. No longer do we need to mail out Change of Address cards. Now you can simply post on Social Media, or move privately, email your contacts.

Several company websites make it convenient to notify them of your new address.