Moving Tips from LaPorte Moving – Part 1

Moving Tips from LaPorte Moving – A 3-part Series

Part 1 – Be Organized

Moving Tips from LaPorte MovingSo you have decided that it is time to move. You realized that you have outgrown your home and decided you want to start a fresh, new life in a new home.

Tip 1. Be Organized.

One thing to keep in mind is that June is the busiest time for moving. Many families and individuals are moving into new homes. Before you jump the gun, think to yourself ‘when is the right time for me to move?’ Determining the right time for you to move is the essential first step to ensuring an easy move.

Tip 2.  Always Keep Your Budget In Mind.

Your budget and the duration of your move go hand in hand. For example, I bridged our financing so that we could have an overlap of 10 days with both homes. This gave me time to look over my budget and settle any further tasks. You never know when may pop up.  

Tip 3. Make Lists

I strongly suggest that everyone who is moving should become an avid list maker. I love lists, and if you didn’t know, the simple act of crossing something out gives you a feeling of accomplishment (it’s a psychological thing). If you want to go even further, create a binder just for moving. The binder will save your life. It is a good way to keep calendars, lists, and contact information all in one place.

It is never too early to start preparing for your move – the earlier, the better! I suggest taking around 6 – 8 weeks to…

Tip 4. Start Sorting

Don’t rush the sorting process. It is a good time to involve kids as you can get them thinking about what they want to take to the new home and what they don’t. I find setting up two laundry baskets, one for clothes being kept the other for clothes being donated (which I later sort through to see what isn’t in good enough shape to donate), is a great and easy way to get the family to do some sorting. If your kids are anything like my daughter, they like the idea of donating things better than throwing them away. It definitely makes the process a little easier.

Tip 5. Sort the Pantry

At LaPorte Moving, we collect on behalf of the Food Bank. Please bear this in mind as you sort through any non-perishable food items that the Food Bank could use. Set your Food Bank donations to the side for the movers on moving day, and we will deliver them to the Food Bank.

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