Packing Services
Having items properly packed and prepared for moving is essential to be sure that the safe arrival at your new home. Our LaPorte Moving packing team can take care of this for you.

If you are on a budget, consider having our team take care of the fragile items.

Your possessions represent both an emotional and monetary investment which deserve the best care available while they are being moved.

Mover Pack vs Self Pack

You may want to pack your own possessions. Many families choose this economical option when they move with LaPorte Moving & Storage Systems; but every year many families trust their packing to LaPorte Systems professionals. These families know that good packing is the key to a successful move

At LaPorte Systems our packers are fully trained and job experienced. They’ve learned dozens of special packing techniques and they use only the finest packing materials. Professional packing is your finest protection against damage. Your LaPorte Systems Moving Consultant will be happy to review LaPorte Systems’ packing service with you. He will also be able to tell you about the cost of packing materials.

Save Time and Money

Remember those hard-to-get-at areas such as attics and crawl spaces take extra time. To save time and money, empty and clean those areas at your leisure well in advance. (Possibly stacking the cartons in your garage!)